Friday, August 17, 2012

Spread The Word...

My friends tell me that my idea is good.  My wife tells me that my idea is good.  People in the heritage arena have told me that my idea is good.  So why am I getting a bit frustrated?  Because I am beginning to fee that there are also those who consider the service I am offering to be a gargantuan monumental invasion of privacy.  Tough, is all I have to say.

Listen, what I am offering is not stealing of the Crown Jewels, it is not throwing the Data Protection Act out the window;  if we do not protect sufficiently the data and images gathering dust in locked cabinets all over the school system in Ireland then the day will come, oh it will come and have no doubt about it, when all will be left in those cabinets is dust itself.  I am offering to record those Roll Books, those old photographs, the old memorabilia and safely store it all away in electronic and searchable form. 

I can only go so far in making relevant bodies aware of my existence, or rather the existence of Irish Roll Books,  hopefully somewhere there is a forward thinking soul who sees the merit of my madness. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Volunteer School Needed!

I need a volunteer school from within the INTO structure to enable me to carry out a photographic assignment on their Historic Roll Books (books over 100 years old).  Why?  So I can use the resulting images to create a process template which will make all future assignments easier and more free-flowing.

What do I need?  I need to contact, be be contacted by, someone in authority in a National School in Ireland who is willing to let me photograph and digitally archive their Historic Roll Books.   I will carry out this task FREE OF CHARGE!  But only for the first school to offer up their Roll Books!  

Contact me on 086-3957962.